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Last Chance for 10X Growth Webinar!

Hello again!

I wanted to send out one final reminder about the exclusive “10X Your Medical Practice Profits” webinar THIS Sunday, February 25th at 5pm PST with my colleague Dr. Anne Truong. 

This is undoubtedly one of the most pivotal webinars you could attend to take your practice to the next level in 2024.

Dr. Truong and I will provide you with our proven blueprint to:

- Realistically earn 7-figures through your practice 

- Properly position yourself as an influencer driving new patients

- Safeguard your practice against industry changes

You only have 2 DAYS left to register before seats run out!

Trust me, you do NOT want to miss this game-changing training that can 10x your practice this year. 

Register here now while you still can!

I hope to see you Sunday! 

Mike Woo-Ming, MD